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Blend-If.Machine Photoshop plugin screenshot

Blend-If.Machine Photoshop plugin

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

A few months ago, I started the development of a plugin for Photoshop using the Blend-If feature and intended to create – among many other things – masks in an efficient and effective way based on the zone system introduced by Ansel Adams.

Here is a short teaser of the plugin

Today, the plugin is really powerful, fully functional and I use it daily for my workflow, including with the latest Photoshop version (2021 > 22.2.0), but the recent technical changes initiated by Adobe concerning the development of extensions (UXP) leads me to postpone a commercial release.

The project is now put on hold without a fixed ETA and the site https://www.blendifmachine.com will soon be automatically redirected here.