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Why I don’t Put my Signature on the Photos I share

Monday, May 27, 2024

Illustration Photo, @alice_shoot33 as part of the session “The Woman with 1000 Faces”.

In the age of social media and constant sharing, many photographers add a signature or logo to their photos to protect their work and ensure they get proper credit. I’ve chosen not to do that. Here’s why.

1. For Aesthetic Reasons

The main reason I don’t sign my photos is aesthetics. Photography is an art, and every element in the image is carefully considered. A signature can distract from the subject and the composition I’ve meticulously crafted. I want people to see the photo just as I envisioned it, without any distractions.

2. The Reality of Digital Theft

Let’s be honest, if someone really wants to steal your work, a signature won’t stop them. It’s pretty easy to crop or erase a signature with modern tools. Instead of relying on signatures, I prefer using more basic methods to protect my intellectual property, like ensuring my original creations, except for collaborations, are exclusively published on my personal Instagram and website where my digital identity is clearly visible.

3. For Personal Enjoyment

Lastly, not signing my photos is also about personal enjoyment. I love seeing my work in its purest form. Photography is my passion, and I want to share it in the most authentic way possible. For me, the absence of a signature shows my confidence in my work and my dedication to the art of photography.

In summary, while adding a signature to photos is definitely a valid choice for many, it’s not the path I’ve chosen.

By focusing on aesthetics, acknowledging the limits of protection against digital theft, and prioritizing my own enjoyment, I’ve found a way to share my work that aligns with my values and vision.