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an amateur photographer who takes pictures of people, objects and nature

Embracing Spontaneity: The Art of Fishing for the Perfect Photo

Friday, May 24, 2024

Illustration Photo, @alice_shoot33 as part of the session “The Woman with 1000 Faces”.

I understand and respect the idea of taking a single, well-thought-out photo. However, taking many photos to capture the perfect moment has its own benefits. As an amateur photographer working with non-professional models, taking lots of pictures, especially in candid portraits, helps me capture authentic and natural moments that are often unpredictable. These precious instants and natural expressions happen in a split second, and by taking more photos, I increase my chances of catching them.

Each photo is a chance to learn. By taking more shots, I improve my technique and become more intuitive and responsive. This ongoing practice better prepares me for future sessions, whether spontaneous or planned. It’s like playing a musical instrument: the more I practice, the better I get, and the more naturally I can create something beautiful.

Photography is always evolving. As Chase Jarvis said, “The best camera is the one that’s with you.” This means it’s not just about the gear or the perfect single shot, but about being ready to capture magic at any moment. This aligns with my method of taking many photos to find those unexpected, spontaneous gems.

Modern photography values spontaneity and diversity. Brandon Stanton, the creator of “Humans of New York,” shows the importance of real and authentic moments. His approach to capturing sincere expressions deeply resonates with my own practice. Stanton’s work proves that sometimes the most powerful images come from a series of shots, not just one carefully planned photo.

I respect the basics and history of photography. However, like in any field, even though the basics stay the same, methods evolve over time with technological advances and new trends. Everyone expresses their art in their own way.

Rules are meant to be challenged and in the end, what matters most to me is the final result: to highlight my model, make them happy to be part of the session, and provide them with photos that I am proud of and that they can be proud of.

By doing this, I aim to capture a brief moment, stop time, and create a lasting memory that they can cherish and share.