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Why I Blend Analog and Digital

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Illustration Photo, @alice_shoot33 as part of the session “The Woman with 1000 Faces”.

My choice to mix grain and analog-style effects into my digital photos truly comes from the heart. It’s my way of seeking greater authenticity and standing out from the sometimes too perfect and impersonal side of digital photos.

Digital provides sharp and precise images, which is great, but often they lack that little something, that soul found in analog photos where every little flaw has its charm.

In my artistic work, I intentionally add these elements to give digital photos a sense of history and human warmth that are often missing in modern works. This approach changes the way photos are perceived, making them closer to the viewers, speaking directly to their hearts and emotions.

For example, by adding a bit of grain, the photo takes on a texture that you can almost feel, like a direct link to the real world. Choosing a type of film simulation is also about choosing a specific ambiance, as each type of film brings its own emotions, like the warmth of a Kodak Portra or the strong contrast of an Ilford black and white.

I don’t make these decisions lightly. They come from deep reflection and a close connection with what I’m photographing. When I decide how much grain to add or which film style to emulate, I think about the feelings I want to evoke and the atmosphere I want to create.

This process is as much about reclaiming the lost art of film photography as it is about connecting the viewer with what they see.

By blending digital precision with analog charm, I’m not just challenging the norms of digital photography, I’m also creating richer, more textured images that celebrate the beauty of imperfections.